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Imagine a world where youth makes a stand in not settling for anything less. This is a space where we do our part to seed action for sustainability, for a second market to support eco-friendly practices, and to showcase positive change.

Latest Updates

SecondMARKET Booth Partners are in - Check out our exclusive list of SUNSETTLED flea market booth partners who'll wow you with a wide collection of pre-loved, locally sourced, sustainable fashion and accessories, coming your way this December 16 - 18 at the SomerFest SUNSETTLED showcase!

RYSP Networking Event at SCAPE - Team SUNSETTLED met with other passionate project owners at the Realise Your Somerset Project Networking event, held at *SCAPE MediaHub. Exciting plans ahead as we forged new collaborations, discussed plans for a VIP Pass engagement, and shared how we're reaching out to local sustainable partners and designers for a whole-of-community support towards sustainable fashion.


There are 2 initiatives under the SUNSETTLED Project @ Youth Park.The first initiative, SecondMARKET, brings youths to a sustainability-themed flea market where you can hunt down great buys, explore social-media-worthy experience zones, and redeem a taste of our specially curated icecream in an outdoor Christmas bazaar.The second initiative, NewWALK, encourages youths to walk the talk with a fashion parade showcasing sustainable outfits (and accessories pairing), street photoshoots and videography, and VIP exclusive redemptions for our eco-fashion enthusiasts.Please meet our SUNSETTELD Team!

Sneak Previews

Sustainability X Art-Toys? - A familiar silhouette, a new lease of life. Have you ever wondered how art, pop culture, and collectable designer toys can be transformed into an action statement for sustainability?Here's a sneak peek behind the scenes for our SUNSETTLED Sustainable Art-Toy Exhibition featuring "______________________"Hush Hush for now. Do visit our website again and we'll fill in the blanks.

Screaming for FREE Icecream? - This is our happy way to celebrate your action towards sustainable fashion! Join us on 16, 17, and 18 December at the Somerset Belt - Youth Park and claim your free premium icecream!The Flavours are "____________________________________________________________"Hush Hush Hush for now. Do visit our website again and we'll fill in the blanks.

Can't Contain Your Excitement? - Be part of the SUNSETTLED experience! Join us at our End-of-The-Year Holiday flea-market, and walk away with awesome outfits to jumpstart a refreshing new year! 2023, here we come!The 15 SecondMARKET Booth Partners are "_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________"
Hush Hush Hush for now. Do visit our website again and we'll fill in the blanks.

Join Us at SecondMARKET on 16 - 18 Dec at Somerset Youth Park!

Check out our SecondMARKET Booth Partners! - It's a whole-of-community effort as founders unite to bring you an awesome end-of-the-year sustainable fashion showcase at our exclusive SomerFest Flea market. SCAN THE VIP QR CODE (Coming Soon) to reserve your complimentary welcome gift, and collect it onsite during our event!

Kindervtg is an independently run online store that brings in carefully curated vintage pieces for people to establish their own personal styles. The goal is to reduce textile waste by advocating for sustainable fashion while ensuring that pieces are first-rate.
Visit: Kindervtg Instagram Page

Fairpricevtg In recent years, there’s been an uprising of the “vintage” trend that has vastly influenced the way many teenagers and young adults dress. Check out vintage clothing through a variety of styles and aesthetics from brands, such as Nike and Stussy!
Visit: FairPricevtg Instagram Page

Anteiku Studios is a collective that acts as a common gathering place for people to explore the vast styles of fashion available, learn new things (such as fashion styling tips, new knowledge on certain pieces and new brands), meet new people, discover new things about themselves or just to hang out!
Visit: Anteiku Studios Instagram Page

Oldplusgold is more than a vintage store. We also create fashion content to share our knowledge on topics such as 'Where to thrift in Singapore' and 'How to authenticate true vintage items', Swing by our popup for the clothes and stay for the good vibes and conversations!
Visit: Oldplusgold Instagram page

UN.WASTELANDS curates vintage and secondhand apparel in a variety of styles -- from streetwear to y2k. With our styling videos, we also hope to provide inspiration for how our items can fit with your existing wardrobe.
Visit: UN.WASTELANDS Instagram page

Thriftyseconds We are a little flea mart run by volunteers making us the "underground shopping" community concept!! We appreciate your support for our second-hand drive, and love for fleas by fellow artisans, creators, student contributors & crew!!
Visit: Thriftyseconds Web page

Måne shot is a small business that sells accessories ranging from necklaces to bracelets, to keychains and waist accessories. We focus on neutral colours and crystal beads to make the best jewellery pieces for our customers.
Visit: Måne shot Instagram page

Kora.Xo is a locally-based handmade accessories store! We carry a wide range of accessories, from resin barrettes to beaded necklaces. Check out our latest products and promotions at our Instagram page!
Visit: Kora.Xo Instagram page

Project Anew is a youth-led startup organisation that aims to connect fellow youths to create change through garnering interest in charity work and philanthropy. We are currently tapping into trends as well as pushing for sustainable fashion/reduction in environmental waste.
Visit: Project Anew Instagram page

Garbloots is a label that promotes vintage clothing & at the same time, sustainability fashion. Vintage clothing is more than just clothing. Every piece of apparel has a story behind it. It brings us back to the past, a moment when we didn’t get to live in, while being sustainable.
Visit: Garbloots Instagram page

Swapaholic is a fashion swap service that empowers consumers to declutter & refresh their closets without compromising their fashion, wallet and our planet. We’re a registered social enterprise under RaiSE and an official partner to NEA’s Say Yes to Waste Less initiative.
Visit: Swapaholic Instagram page

Styledcxo Every piece is handpicked and curated carefully with thorough quality inspection. So if you want to rock a unique style that guarantees you will never have to walk past someone wearing the same outfit you bought from fast fashion, this is the best place to shop!
Visit: Styledcxo Instagram page

Shutdown Collective is a secondhand online clothing store. We bring in garments that are fun to wear! From garments you could wear during the day and at night in your sleep, to ones you would wear in town and the ones for the most special of occasions. We got it all!
Visit: Shutdown Collective Instagram page

xms_store Starting off as a side project for me to share my love for handmade crafts & accessories, xms_store prides ourselves in creating unique & versatile accessories for any gender while exploring different mediums of jewellery making.
Visit: xms_store Instagram page

Chains and Shackles is an online shop based in Singapore. Themed after the Hong Kong fashion culture, we offer a wide variety of curated tops, bottoms, accessories etc. We also host pop-ups and events so if you are interested in working with us, drop us an email!
Visit: Chains and Shackles Instagram page

Just Cargos is a sister brand of Chains and shackles. As its name suggests, we sell mainly trousers. We realise that trousers are not a big part of Singapore’s vintage clothing scene. Therefore, we created this trousers-focused site to shine more spotlight on vintage trousers.
Visit: Just Cargos Instagram page

Updates every week? - Our team aims to bring you the latest updates, as we ramp up towards the SUNSETTLED project showcases. Please visit us again as we journey together towards a sustainable future.

Coming Soon! Please visit us again!

Updates every week? - Our team aims to bring you the latest updates, as we ramp up towards the SUNSETTLED project showcases. Please visit us again as we journey together towards a sustainable future.